We are committed to teaching educators how to approach each child's individual development needs with flexibility, while having an open heart and striving to nurture each student's growth and learning holistically.

Teacher Workshops

  • Lesson Ideas and Implementation
  • Art, Improv, Culinary Altered to Campus Needs
  • Tangible Take-Aways to Use in Real-Time Teaching
  • Hands-on Training in Improv and Basic Theater Skills
  • Culinary Education 101: Nutrition Education Tips for Daily Activities
  • Flexibility and Differentiation Training
  • Observations and Modeling with Feedback on How to Improve and Growth Strategies
  • Unlimited Online Resources Including Subjects: Art, Math, Literacy, Science, Culinary, and Nutrition
  • Quarterly FIT KIDS STAGE SPECIALISTS visits including Martial Arts, Harambee Drumming and Tiny Chefs